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Created by Dr. Lucille Thomas in, Agoura Hills Healthcare is a comprehensive medical practice centered around holistic care. We believe in treating the whole patient through a unique mixture of natural remedies, the best available medicine, and state of the art technology. We offer a range of services from women’s health care to addiction recovery and even aesthetic solutions. No matter what you come to Agoura Hills Health Care for, we will use every tool we have to help you flourish.

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Meet Dr. Thomas

Dr. Lucille Thomas is a board-certified family physician who practices comprehensive primary care. She has a special interest in preventative medicine, women’s health, addictive disease, and Mental illness. After graduating Magna cum laude with a bachelors of arts in biology, Dr. Thomas earned her medical degree at Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California.  She finished her clinical training in the Greenville Hospital System, Greenville, South Carolina and then went on to start her own private practice in Charleston, South Carolina. After years in the Medical Industry, Dr. Thomas felt the need to return home and begin her own practice in Southern California. Sensing a need for addiction help and mental health awareness in her community, Dr. Thomas went on to do additional medical training in order to become certified to treat addictive diseases and associated mental illness.

Dr. Thomas prides herself on taking the time to truly listen to her patients and she strives to provide everything they need to flourish.




Aesthetic Solutions


Diolaze is the newest technology in fast and effective laser hair removal. This new treatment utilizes the Diode laser fast pulsing hair removal for virtually every skin type. With built-in safety measures as well as full power lasers, Diolaze is better than any other treatment on the market when it comes to combining speed with gold standard safety and efficiency. To learn more about Diolaze or schedule a consultation.


Lumecca is the newest and fastest technology for patients who struggle with skin lesions and blemishes. This revolutionary machine employs laser technology to lessen and remove the appearance of skin damage in only 1-2 sessions.  This is a minimally invasive procedure performed in the office with little to no downtime. To learn more about Lumecca or to schedule a consultation.

Morpheus 8

Many of our patients want new, younger looking skin. But, they are concerned about potential side-effects of a full facelift. Luckily, we have a solution. Morpheus 8 is a new, minimally invasive technology from Inmode Aesthetics. This skin and face contouring micro needling system is perfect for patients who want solutions for, acne scars, age lines, and creases, mild sagging or jowls or sun damage. To learn more about Morpheus 8 or schedule a consultation.


Forma is an amazing new technology for skin tightening and exfoliation. This treatment employs laser heat to reach into skin tissue and stimulate the collagen causing newer, tighter and smoother skin to form. We recommend this revolutionary treatment for patients who are looking to reduce signs of aging, gain tighter and smoother skin or have a younger and healthier look. To learn more about Forma or schedule a consultation.

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